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Strategic Vision Statement

"The Codex Alimentarius Commission envisages a world afforded the highest attainable levels of consumer protection, food safety and quality. To this end, the Commission will develop internationally agreed standards and related texts for use in domestic regulations and international trade in food that are based on scientific principles and fulfill the objectives of consumer health protection and fair practices in trade."

To fulfill the strategic vision, the following objectives and priorities are laid down.
All of the objectives listed below are considered to be equally important to the overall achievement of the strategic vision.

Objective 1
Promoting Sound Regulatory Framework

Objective 2
Promoting widest and consistent application of scientific principles and risk analysis

Objective 3
Providing Linkages between Codex and other Multilateral Regulatory Instruments and Conventions

Objective 4
Enhance Capacity to Respond Effectively and Expediously to New Issues, Concerns And Developments in the Food Sector

Objective 5
Promoting Maximum Membership and Participation

Objective 6
Promoting Maximum Application Of Codex Standards