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As indicated in the Criteria for the Establishment of Work Priorities given in the Codex Procedural Manual, new work proposals should be considered within the framework of the Medium-Term Plan. Proposals arising from Codex Committees and Task Forces should, when submitted to the Commission or Executive Committee for approval, indicate the relationship between the new work and the activities and objectives set out in the Medium-Term Plan.

The Codex Draft Medium-Term Plan 2003-2007

sets out specific activities leading to the fulfillment of the Objectives described in the Strategic Framework.
The activities are grouped by these strategic objectives as well as by the Programme Areas used in previous Medium-Term Plans.

The Draft Medium-Term Plan (MTP) is indicative of the work to be undertaken in the period and provides a general orientation for this work.

It is the responsibility of individual Codex Committees and Task Forces to implement the Plan within their own programmes of work.

The Plan is intended to be flexible because it is impossible to foresee specific needs over the five-year period covered by the Plan.

Although this means that some activities may not be undertaken or completed in the period, it also should not restrict work being undertaken on new activities as required.

The Codex Commission at its 24th session (2001) had amended and adopted the Strategic Framework, including the Strategic Vision Statement.

It had also agreed that the draft had also agreed that the draft Medium-Term Plan would be revised by the Secretariat in the light of the decisions of the 24th Session and the comments received, and that it should include cost estimates to determine whether the objectives could be met within achievable resources. The revised MTP had been circulated in August 2001 and revised in the light of the comments for consideration by the 50th session o f the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee noted that Regional Committees would have an opportunity to contribute to the development of the MTP that would be subsequently considered by the next regular sessions of the Executive Committee and the Codex Alimentarius Commission. The Executive Committee noted that as a result of the Codex Evaluation, further changes might be required to the MTP and that this would have to be addressed prior to its finalization in the next session of the Commission.

Further information may be found in Understanding the Codex Alimentarius located on the Codex website at:
or from the Codex-India Training Manual.