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National Seminar marks conclusion of FAO Project

Central and State governments, industry and consumer bodies participated in the National Seminar on Codex that was held in Vigyan Bhavan on Friday 8 November 2002. The Seminar marked the end of a 21-month FAO Project on "Strengthening the National Codex Committee" (TCP/IND/0067). The prime objective of the Project was to strengthen the capabilities of the National Codex Committee (NCC) and to develop the functional capacity of the National Codex Contact Point (NCCP). This would ensure the effective conduct of Codex work at national level and by India within Codex fora. Implementation of the recommendations will achieve a catalytic effect on strengthening the control of food quality and safety in India.

Shri S.K. Naik, Secretary of Health, inaugurated the Seminar and launched the Codex India website. In his address, he highlighted the need for India to be seriously involved in the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission by empowering government, industry and consumers to be proactive in a changing food trade scenario. He noted that conformity and consistency were the keys to strengthening food quality and safety in India.

Shri L. V. Saptrishi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, stated that his Ministry supported the recommendations from the Project which, he said, contained the synergies to be achieved between government, industry and consumers. He called for a de-mystifying of Codex issues and expressed full support for the Ministry of Health in getting across the message, mission and objectives behind the work of Codex.

Participants at the Seminar, from Central and State governments, research institutes, industry and consumer bodies were presented with the recommendations of the Project and those coming from six workshops on Codex held throughout India since February 2002.

In addition to the website, the Project resulted in the establishment and equipping of a Codex Resource Centre in the Ministry of Health, developed a Procedural Manual for conformity and consistency in the Codex work by India. It also developed a training manual for user's of Codex. Both manuals will be available on this website from 1 January 2003.

Contact the National Codex Contact Point at for further information about the Project, its outcomes or recommendations.

National Workshop on enforcement of PFA Rule, 1954 at Vigyan Bhavan, on 9th November 2003.